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The Practice of the First Watch of the Night

The first of the four Bodhi-Tree meditations is based on the Buddha's First Watch of the Night. This meditation, which is also called The Jivamala, the Necklace of Souls, is described at a separate web site. The complexity of this process requires an entire site since gaining awareness of many past lives can be a lengthy process.

The Jivamala site shows how a single individual went through this process, and therefore serves only as an example of how this can be done. The individual doing the Bodhi-Tree practice is responsible for working with his or her Yidam or guide to explore the necklace of his or her own past lives. The Jivamala site also contains a more detailed description of the identity and origins of the Buddhist guide who is handing down the teachings of the Bodhi-Tree practice at this site.

The Jivamala (or First Watch of the Night) practice represents the expansion of individual's identity to include awareness of past lives. This expansion of awareness was the earthly Buddha's first realization on the road to his enlightenment. The Bodhi-Tree meditations presented at the current site represent the final three stages of the practice where the practitioner moves beyond the series of identities represented by past lives.

We will now go on to examine the practice associated with the First Watch of the Night which is also called the Jivamala practice. Following that, we will return to this site (wisdom-tree.com) to continue the practices associated with second, third, and fourth watches of the night.

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